Obama and Romney Clash over Ohio Vehicle Ads


At present, the election campaigns of Mitt Romney is under absolute fire over its allegations that auto bailout made by the Obama administration greatly assisted to shift Ohio jobs to the Chinese market.

In the meantime, the insistence for Chrysler-built Jeep Wranglers clearly exceeds supply these days, and hence the production line continues cranking directly through the lunch period at the well-known Toledo assembly unit where company manufactures them. Tyson Stoll, a company executive who handles a division of the unit, said that he is setting up a new conveyor at the facility as employees bolted axles onto each and every chassis moving along the line.

He added that the company had installed a new glossy balancing machine most recently at the facility. Across the flooring there was yet another indication of the restoration of the production unit, as beeping forklifts recently arrived at the massive warehouse developed to house the progressing masses of crates that are full of clutches, shock absorbers, and many other major apparatuses of the new Wrangler.

In a zone where several hundreds of shuttered, and dumped houses not very far-off from the production unit of Jeep substantiate the destruction resulted by many decades of production turn down, few have not succeeded to detect the unusual spurt of job development at the regional production plants of GM (General Motors), Chrysler, and their associated suppliers. It has been said that the ambitious $500-million growth expansion plan of the Jeep production facility by Chrysler simply means generation of almost 1,100 new job positions for Toledo.

But, presently during the previous week in Toledo, Mitt Romney, the Republican Party 2012 Presidential contestant, has been airing radio and television advertisements suggesting that General Motors, and Chrysler were utilizing the automotive bailout funds provided by the present President Barack Obama to shift jobs from Ohio to China.

In fact, it is one among the final, and most significant attempts by Romney to beat the marginal edge that the Democratic Party’s contestant Obama has been held for several months in the region of Ohio, which is probably the most important state to decide the result of the upcoming 2012 U.S. President election to be held during the next week.

In the most recent Mitt Romney radio ad, an anchor asked what had happened to the assurances made to automotive workers located in Toledo, and all over Ohio. With the help of the newly generated jobs, the unemployment rate of Ohio, which stands at 7-percent, is marginally lesser than that of the entire nation, which is at 7.9-percent.


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